October 30, 2024

Doors: 7:00 PM - Show: 8:00 PM

Presented by Springood

Carnifex & Cryptopsy

with Mental Cruelty, Organectomy, and Heavy//Hitter

The Regency Live

307 Park Central E, Springfield, MO, 65806

Date & Time

Wednesday, October 30, 2024

8:00 PM


The Regency Live

307 Park Central E, Springfield, MO, 65806


This fall, the gates of hell will open as Carnifex, the masters of deathcore, embark on their most brutal and immersive tour yet – the Necromanteum Tour 2024. Known for their bone-crushing riffs, unrelenting breakdowns, and haunting melodies, Carnifex promises a night of relentless aggression and unparalleled intensity with support from Cryptopsy, Mental Cruelty, Organectomy, and Heavy//Hitter


Nourished by nightmares and the throbbing pulse of pragmatic terror, CARNIFEX have returned with their ninth full-length studio album, Necromanteum.

While it may come as a surprise to some fans, the themes of Necromanteum are a little less personal compared to previous releases. Vocalist and founder Scott Ian Lewis explains: “We wanted to delve into more supernatural and ethereal subjects like astral projection, the duality of man, and the crossroads of intellectualism and the supernatural... There was indeed a time when Doctors were also performing seances!”

Decades ago, wealthy intellectuals began installing psychomanteum in their homes; a secret room completely filled with mirrors, or a single mirror, and in complete darkness, in order to speak to the dead in other dimensions, and gain their knowledge. It was often used as a healing tool to help dissolve grief, or considered a form of prophecy. Necromanteum presents the concept: what if you could use that kind of room to speak with death, itself? What secrets of the world could you uncover from a direct conversation with the grim reaper? Not a monster, but a fellow intellect.

“This album is for the fans,” states Lewis. “We’re always striving to give you the best version of us, but it’s only ours until we turn it in. Then it becomes everyone else’s record. It’s a form of entertainment, and we truly hope to help listeners break away from real life, and have some escape into our little world through the Necromanteum.”


Formed in 1992, Cryptopsy has released eight full-lengths—counting As Gomorrah Burns—to date. Out of the gate, the Quebecers set new standards in death metal with their no-compromise attack and next-level musicality. Debut album, Blasphemy Made Flesh, shell-shocked all that encountered it, as follow-ups None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy (1998), and Once Was Not (2005) positioned the Canadians as apex predators. Throughout their storied career, the group embarked on high-profile tours, such as the inaugural Death Across America tour in 1998, the Summer Slaughter Tour in 2008, and the Devastation on the Nation tour in 2017. To date, they’ve performed over 1,000 shows across 47 countries. The release of As Gomorrah Burns on Nuclear Blast re-positions Cryptopsy for yet another reign of death metal domination.


Mental Cruelty, a formidable force in the black metal and deathcore scenes, hails from Karlsruhe, Germany. Formed in 2016, the band wasted no time in making a name for themselves with their relentless energy and uncompromising sound. Their latest album 'Zwielicht' weaves tales of forbidden realms. Prepare for a symphony of agony, where arrogance meets despair. This is the immersive and captivating world of Zwielicht. The album contains epic symphonic orchestras accompanied by slam breakdowns; it has it all. Inspired from metaphors written by nature, death, and inner demons. With each release, Mental Cruelty continues to push the boundaries of blackened deathcore, captivating audiences with their relentless aggression and atmospheric depth. Their music delves into themes of existential dread, human suffering, and the darker aspects of the human psyche, resonating deeply with fans worldwide.


New Zealand’s premier Slamming Brutal Death Metal act Organectomy return with their third studio album ‘Nail Below Nail’. After the release of their debut album ‘Domain Of The Wretched’ in 2018 and sophomore album ‘Existential Disconnect’ in 2019, Organectomy found success internationally. They went on to tour with some of the biggest names in the genre across North America, Australia and New Zealand until the global pandemic brought touring to a halt, allowing all focus to move to writing and recording the monster that has become ‘Nail Below Nail’ The 3rd full length offering from New Zealand's heaviest band - setting a new standard for the Slam genre, ‘Nail Below Nail’ is a lesson in punishing brutality and the sound of a band at the very top of their game. Essential for fans of Disgorge, Devourment and Abominable Putridity.


Heavy//Hitter, a ruthless deathcore group that captures all of Orlando’s murky, swampy brutality with absolutely none of the Disney World shine. Taking a gritty and primal approach to deathcore and infusing it with elements of heavy hardcore, beatdown and just a touch of that intangible Floridian fury, Heavy//Hitter are a rapidly rising star in the underground heavy music community bound to be splintering skulls and tearing out teeth in a venue near you soon.

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