July 27, 2024

Doors: 8:00 PM - Show: 9:00 PM

Lobby Boy, Twin Princess, Fullscreen, Running

with Twin Princess, Fullscreen, and Running

The Camel

1621 W Broad St, Richmond, VA, 23220

Date & Time

Saturday, July 27, 2024

9:00 PM


The Camel

1621 W Broad St, Richmond, VA, 23220

Lobby Boy, Twin Princess, Fullscreen, Running

at The Camel

Saturday, July 27th, 2024

Doors at 8, Music at 9

$12 ADV, $15 DOS

Lobby Boy

Lobby Boy was birthed in the hills of Virginia in September, 2018 when Eva Wilson asked Chez Goodspeed to play a last minute house show. She agreed on one condition: Eva played the show with her. It was inevitable that local chiller Alberto Sifuentes Jr. would play the first basement gig too. Several tours, EP/LP releases, lineup changes, and moves later, Lobby Boy released a full length album titled "Pretty Songs/ Pursuits of Personhood" or 'PS/POP' for short on Citrus City Records in April 2022.

The Washington Post describes 'PS/POP' as "full of synth-kissed songs brimming with sweet, Auto-Tuned melodies and heart-on-sleeve earnestness." The Grey Estates describes Lobby Boy as a "lover tugging you into the wild cacophony of a basement show; running through your childhood neighborhood at night with your friends, tearing through your neighbor’s yards in the sleepily silent dark; a house party amongst those closest to you, pure mayhem and bliss."

Come find us <3

Twin Princess(Philly)

Philadelphia’s synth-pop-sun, doom-country-rising Twin Princess forge a mirrorball-lit realm in Blood Moon , their first full-length album, set for release this May 2023. Its shimmering, gloom-tinged songs carry a fanged tenderness, a vulnerable resilience — through vibrant emotion and a steady candor, the mundane becomes mystical. Here, revelation and renewal can happen in the cold light of a midnight CVS; revisiting and reevaluating memories of a city or sidewalk or bathtub that changed you proves as transformative as the lived moment; flowers poking through snow in winter become omens of perennial desire.

Led by Pauli Mia (she/her) on vocals and synth, Twin Princess features Adam Dasilva (they/them) on guitar, Kirby Vibek (he/him) on drums, and Eric Schueler (he/they) on bass. The band began as a duo project between Mia and Ryan Ficano (he/him), who served as the lead engineer and producer for the album. Blood Moon honors and elevates the precedents set by 2020 debut EP Fraise and its 2021 stripped-down piano reimagining, Fraise: Side B.

-Claudia Morales, 2023

Posted By Twin Princess


Fullscreen is a three-piece psychedelic indie pop/rock band based in Philadelphia, PA. Although Fullscreen was founded in 2017, we’ve collaborated in various groups since 2009 and been close friends since early childhood. Each member is intimately involved in all parts of the musical process - from songwriting to production to performance and beyond.


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